Enabling Tax Support with Chec

In a few simple steps, Chec can help you tax your sales automatically, regardless of where your customers are.


Setting up tax support

 Go to the Setup navigation tab and select Tax.


Enable Tax if you want Chec to manage how your tax is calculated for every order you make. 


If you include tax in your price, Chec will separate tax from the total sale order. 

If tax is not included in your price, Chec will add tax to the sale.


If selected, your taxes will be calculated using this formula:


e.g. £20.00 at 20% VAT will be £3.33.



Add your business address to help Chec calculate tax. This address will be displayed on your invoices.



Add the countries you make sales in. You can set taxes on physical and digital goods separately. 


Tax in the United States 

You are required to collect sales tax in states in which you have nexus. When you add a nexus state it is automatically stored, even if you click "Cancel"


What is Nexus? - Sales tax nexus occurs when your business has some kind of connection to a state. All states have a slightly different definition of nexus, but most of the time states consider a “physical presence” creates nexus.


Add your nexus states zip codes where you conduct business or have a presence in ie warehouse, distributor. 

Chec will then automatically calculate sales tax including county, municipal and other taxes.




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