Ways to Sell

There a 4 simple ways to sell online with Chec. 

1. Storefront + Shopping Cart - Create a beautiful one page storefront to display all of your products. The shopping cart lets your customers purchase multiple products at once, making for a seamless shopping experience. 

Example: Chec example storefront


2. Link - Create a customized checkout link for single products. Link your customers directly to your product via social media, hyperlink in an email or hyperlink on your website. This is a self hosted checkout making it a fast and easy way to get your product or service to your customers.

Example: Petite Prance - Stories While They Waited Vol 1


3. Embed - Embed your products seamlessly onto your website or blog. With just a few lines of code, you can create a native eCommerce experience for your customers, keeping them on your website. Our modal pop-up checkouts convert customers quickly while assuring them they are still on your website. Choose to either have a 2 step checkout or direct checkout flow

Example: Wonder Sac

4. Integrate - Completely customize your eCommerce experience for your customers by integrating your own designs and flows using our simple API, Commerce.js
Ask your developer to create a custom eCommerce flow that uses your designs and branding throughout the entire checkout process. Commerce.js is faster to integrate that Magento and more customizable than Shopify. Visit our documentation here. 

Examples: Leon & George | Monday Motorbikes



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